We have always been committed to providing the best systems and solutions to businesses. Since we founded our company in 1991, we have been working on delivering avant-garde, integrated solutions in order to safeguard sustainability. To maintain this promise, we partnered with the best suppliers and invested in trainings. With over 120 highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving our clients, we’ve become a recognized industry leader in the Middle East and Africa, garnering more than 100 vendor and industry awards over the past two decades. Today, we are at the forefront of solution design, solution integration, project management, maintenance and operations.
Our solutions give our customers a constant competitive advantage. Businesses have become more and more reliant on IT for solutions that will enhance their strategies and objectives. As a result, technological infrastructures have become a valuable asset. We have been providing answers to businesses. Our solutions give our customers a constant competitive advantage.


EMAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in working with our Customers to understand their business needs, identify the areas for improvement and provide state of the art solutions by deploying proven matured processes to support the current needs as well as future business growth. The cornerstone of EMAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS success has been its ability to understand the strategic vision that fuels the various IT based initiatives to resolve business challenges. RIGHT SIZED WITH PARTNERSHIP PHILOSOPHY
Proven methodology that enables our Customers to achieve faster ROI Cost-effective offshore delivery of design, development, testing and support Services Combination of on-site, off-site and offshore delivery models to choose from based on the project / product requirements One stop shop for product development, maintenance and support


Active Directory, Database Servers


2 factor authentication.


Data Replication.


Administration Training.


Quality : Our strong team of design professionals always stays up-to-date with the latest design trends in the industry while maintaining their knowledge of proven design principles. This enables us to provide you with the highest quality designs for web page development, print & multimedia that will effectively reach your target market. Integrity : If you have ever worked with us you will know that we will always do what we say and we will always keep our word. Our business practices adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles because we believe that our clients will appreciate a website design company that has a strong character. This not only means producing exceptional design work, but also doing our part for the environment and the community.
Personalization : Every industry is different. Every company is different. You as a client are different from anyone else we’ve ever worked with before. We understand that everyone we deal with has their own unique set of needs and our goal is to exceed them. At EMAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, our website design professionals are expert problem solvers when it comes to providing you with design solutions that will help your company succeed. Team Work : At EMAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS people are committed to work together across the domains and global locations and by sharing ideas, technologies and talents we achieve our goals and commitments. Optimism : we believe in the positive potential in ourselves and try to translate that optimism into a realistic value growth. Negating the self-doubt, we start and complete all our tasks on optimistic note. Reliable : we have embedded reliability into our foundations. As a client, employee or investor you can rely on us to deliver our promises. We honor everyone’s confidentiality of information and ensure whatever we do or communicate is accurate and reliable.


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