It is considered to be the World's best manufacturer for Blenders, Juicers, Spindle mixers, Ice Crushers, and Dishers.

Roller Grill

The European leader for the production of small catering equipments such as Toasters, Waffle makers, Crepe makers, Convection Ovens, Salamanders, Shawarma Grills, Rotisseries, and many more.


Wega was founded in 1985, with the view to manufacture quality professional espresso coffee machines.

Wega experienced a rapid expansion, first on the Italian market and later abroad, in the most important foreign markets.

The range of Wega products includes, coffee grinders, icecube makers, cup & dish washers, watersofteners and accessories.

Robot Cope

Wide range with highest quality world renowned company with wide variety of Vegetable cutters and mixers. Among new products are Stick Blender and Blixers. Best quality food processors in the whole industry.


World number one hard juice extractor with wide range are available.

Middleby Marshall

The most reliable conveyor ovens in the whole industry not just limited to cancel extra span pizza but all type of sea food, grills can be prepared with easy of operation, no need to have a skilled workers, oven handles almost any thing, various sizes single, double are available.


Heavy duty electric ovens and ranges built to last.


Industrial type heavy duty ovens in various cooking powers choice of all food industry.


Wide range of holding cabinets made for heavy duty usage. Unique humifying system keeps food fresh for a longe time.


Complete range of high quality heavy duty cooking equipment, both Gas & Electric operated. Custom Island type cooking system are available. Garland is the most customer oriented manufacturer with wide range of models.


World's first Self Cooking center

High quality boiling kettles, Tilting pans and steamer are available in Gas or Electric Cook-Chill system can be designed and supplied on turn key basis.


World largest manufacturer of Electric and Gas fryers with innovative Foot print filteration system and multi computer controls. All largest Int'l food chains exclusively use Frymaster due to high quality and reliability.

Merco Savory

High quality toaster both vertical and horizontol, various type of hot food display units heat lamps are available.


Known for its durability, quality and performance has made Manitowoc the only choice of all Int'l fast food chains. Hotels, and all types of catering service prefer only Manitowoc brand, we have machines starting from 45-lbs upto 3600-lbs in 24hrs, with self-sanitizing feature plus stainless steel finish are unique.

In Saudi Arabia Manitowoc is number one selling machine. Besides Manitowoc produce high quality reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers.


The most durable walk-in cooler & freezer rooms available in market today.


The most widely used high pressure Fryers all over the Kingdom of Saudi and Middle East. We can provide complete know how and training to all local chains. Wide range of popular marinations are available. Al-Reziza can help you to develop complete concept of the most profitable business ever. Please call us for more details.


One of the world's largest manufacturer of all types of Dishwasher ranging from undercounter heavy duty dishwasher with a capacity of 500 dishes per hour upto largest possible door type, Rack conveyor type, and flight type dishwashers upto 8,500 dishes per hour. Comenda does lot of research and development work only in Dishwashers.


Over 20-years Mareno equipment has been choice of consultants in Saudi due to high quality and wide range of products. Mareno continues to dominate the market. Hi tech series from Mareno is particularly very famous and interesting.


All metal body the only green lamp of its kind which is 30% more powerful than the old blue lamp. Life of the lamp is one year (compared with blue light which lasts only for 30-60 days).


Leader in mixer technology, no more gears to worry about. Variable speed & full safety feature. Auto bowel lifting is optional.


Industrial type meat cutting saws mincer fully in stainless steel.


Complete solution A to Z for the most up to date induction food distribution trolley for any size of hospital. Food carrier are also unique.


Complete storage system for any application.

World Dryer

Various types of hand dryers, no tough & auto wash stations are available.


Full range of kitchen untensils heavy duty type.


Unique chain broiler used by most food chains.


All types of soft & hard ice cream machines. Heat treatment technology allowing end users to clean after 14 days saving time & money.


Complete systems for food service, material handing, sanitary maintenance.


There are many areas of application of KOMET vacuum packing machines. Not only sausage, meat, fish, cheese or dairy products can be perfectly preserved and protected with KOMET.


Henkelman offers the most complete range of professional vacuum packaging machines. From the smallest table-top vacuum packer up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers. Besides, Henkelman is a quality brand with some unique features.


Heavy duty coffee grinders.

Sveba Dahlen

Quality that gives flexibility.
Meeting the expectations of catering clients or restaurant and hotel guests is about supplying quality and not leaving anything to chance. Top quality equipment is a basic condition of this and is something that characterizes Sveba-Dahlen's range. Success within the HoReCa sector also requires flexibility. What and how much should be baked can vary hugely from day to day. Our ovens are therefore developed to be easily adapted to the different volumes and different types of baking.


Heavy duty fryers in gas, various sizes.

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