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Since 1922, the italian leadership company, Angalope is manufucturing with precision and high quality.. storage and visi-coolers, and gas stoves, regular and fast fryers, food preparation tables, pizza and pastry ovens, salad preparation units, food storage units, dish-washers, air-filters, and salad bars.

Today, Angelopo is at its best with its after-sales services and spare parts...Angelopo..designed for you

Fresh ideas in food service equipment, saving energy and money...

Proven performances, innovative products, profitable solutions. Founded in 1954, BKI has built a strong foundation with the distinction of being the originator of the revolving oven. Today all of the BKI's products, like breading tables, pressure fryers, holding cabinets, hot food merchandisers, sin ovens, waterless deli-cases, continue the company's legacy of innovation and superior craftsmanship.

BKI's super efficient and innovative premium line of products - food service equipment that affords higher profits, greater efficiencies and ease of operation and maintenance - helps today's supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores serve menus to satisfy consumer demand for fresh, quality cooked foods.

40 years in the food processing equipment

Its the fruit of 40 years of experience in the food processing equipment field. This technologies are most innovative, and thanks to FIREX, the world will be better than today...

The widest range of ovens and blast chillers

A Landmark for quality and innovation of ovens, blast chillers, and shock freezers production, thanks to the long years of experience and research & development. All Foinox products boast high digital performance, economy, and functionality, and are easy to clean and service.

Unique efficiency in food stuff preservation

In 1972, from the experience of entrepreneurs from the appliance industry, MBM was born in Italy as a company serving professional restaurant needs. MBM offers commercial convection oven, fryers, glass/dish washer and refrigerated sandwich units, specially designed to satisfy a variety of requirements and to provide efficient preservation of foodstuff and extreme flexibility of use.

Master of performance...

MKN is the German specialist in premium thermal innovative professional cooking technology. It has epitomized efficiency from the hands of the experts and workmanship. It products inspire, in particular, with high quality durability, and economy efficiency. Whether in catering, the hotel industry, gastronomy, and community catering, each of the MKN products portfolios full fills the highest demands.

MKN quality is based on the consequent passion for detail. This can be seen distinctly by the choice of only the best materials.

All food preparation lead to OLIS

Whatever way you prepare the food, you find it at OLIS. The storage units, display and work tables, basins and sinks in the different size, all the way to fryers and grillers, bread ovens used in prestigious hotels and restaurants around the world.
Olis....your world in kitchen.

Grilling has never been so healthy and tasty...

The GRILVAPOR is a brand new and design of electrical vaporization cooking with grill specifically for commercial, modern and traditional catering.
The GRILVAPOR grills in an extremely natural and healthy way, enhancing the best organolepic qualityes of the food and helping to disperse fat...

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